Website Entry on Bits, Bytes and the Representation of Information

Digital World Chapter 2

– Since digital values deal with distinct numbers, they will always round to the nearest number regardless of the fractional sections that the device detects

– Colors of pixels are usually made up of tiny red, blue, and green lights that can be seen microscopically with any device that contains colored light

– The 2 types of sound conversions: Analog-to-Digital (A/D) or Digital-To-Analog (D/A) both interpret waveforms from sound to numbers

~ With the brightness colors and levels in display, you can analyze the amount of pixels the digital form contains. If the device contains 2000-3000 pixels, it usually fits into the standard size of a small digital camera as the pixels are converted into 6 million picture elements or 6 megapixels. The amount of pixels can usually detect how powerful the brightness of a device can really be.

Gives an essence to the importance of colored pixels

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