The two presentation

The first time I have every seen such a successful business like the gentle in the first presentation relate so strongly to the digital world. Everything about his business circulates around the digital world. He makes profit from how the performance of his business goes; which depends off of the digital world and the software he depends on. He has a business which is designed to be used only through digital connections. His products, which he offers, is from the networks and software which are all for the digital world. I loved it more then anything.

Second Presentation

The second presentation which will was for a 3d printer, I was amazed with what could be made with it. It gave me ideas in things that could probably be built in the near future. I never new what a device like that could do. Especially the presenters 3D printer. He built it and designed it himself. It actually worked. I was impressed. I did also enjoy that one as well

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