The two presentation

The first time I have every seen such a successful business like the gentle in the first presentation relate so strongly to the digital world. Everything about his business circulates around the digital world. He makes profit from how the performance of his business goes; which depends off of the digital world and the software he depends on. He has a business which is designed to be used only through digital connections. His products, which he offers, is from the networks and software which are all for the digital world. I loved it more then anything.

Second Presentation

The second presentation which will was for a 3d printer, I was amazed with what could be made with it. It gave me ideas in things that could probably be built in the near future. I never new what a device like that could do. Especially the presenters 3D printer. He built it and designed it himself. It actually worked. I was impressed. I did also enjoy that one as well

Digital World & The military

It is impressive how the worlds military is connected to the digital world. The military all around the globe uses tech for combat and other security reasons. There is so much I could say; however, in an article it says the following: “There is no powerful military or victory with the assistance of digital malware and technology. Software is everything. Computers are the number one weapons”

The Digital World and Video Games

The digital universe will always have a hand in the production of video games. The way they are designed and the type of forms they come in are all a form of digital functions. For example, when you look at the kinect; a device that works with the XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE; its simply a camera enhanced to pick up the moves of the player to its person on the other end. This all works because of the digital universe and its hand in the works of such amazing tech pieces and other upgraded video games.

Digital World and Law Enforcement

The Digital World is now getting involve with everything in society; including law enforcement. With digital technology at their side; many police departments are now able to track and do other relevant things for public safety and the security of the place they protect and call home. Catching someone driving 15 miles above the speed limit is impossible without the proper digital tools. One officer can not simply assume someone is above speed limit without proof. The speedometer scanners that they now have thanks to the digital technology used can easily determine if someone is speeding beyond legal limit and prove it. There are now also a swab machine know to whether or not a person was driving while under the influence. Based off this machine, and officer can tell with or not a person is/was driving under the influence.


week 4

The Digital World and the Film Industry are soon going to show the world the film can be taken to a whole new mind-blowing level. The virtual reality that we currently are experiencing and enjoy is only a small glimpse of what we are about to discover about the partnership of these two. We have also witnessed very little of a 360 dimensional video or movie. Now imagine a film that is in 720 dimension HD. That is the next big thing. A way to take us through the movie physical rather then just mentally. What an experience that’ll be.

Healthcare and The Digital World


The Digital World has the ability to enhance healthcare for everyone to a next level basis. From simple nursing for the elderly to perplex situations such as heart surgery. The way things are being built today with the knowledge provided by The Digital World is making things for everyone; specifically doctors and nurses convenient. Sooner then later, artificial technology with take over fully with the supervision of doctors and humans to provide all medicare to those in need. The Digital World will make this possible. its involvement will be the brightness of healthcare globally. Of course there are doubts. The reliability is the number one issue people are now questioning the most. Can help from The Digital World help or worsen the case for medical care and healthcare? Will the healthcare for elderly only be safe and reliable with The Digital World; but be unsuccessful elsewhere on the field. These questions can only be anwersed after we give it a shot. It will for the best regardless.



Both the Digital World and the Business World are growing rapidly. However, the amazing thing is that both worlds need one another to continue to grow. Rather than competing, these two worlds come together to become bigger and stronger. The Digital World is in need of the Business World by having it provide merchandise, advertisements, commercials, business ventures to the entire globe. The Business World also benefits from this; as i mentioned above how it provides all these things to the Digital World, whilst gaining a benefit as well. Without the Digital World; doing business would be extremely difficult and limited. Location would be a much more relevant factor. Because of the Digital World, businesses can expand beyond borders. Sales pitches are in different languages as well as currency used to pay is irrelevant since conversion and other important financial situations are cared for; thanks to the amazing Digital World!