Digital Technology For Lawyers

My career choice is looking to be a lawyer which is a career that will have to be here forever. As far as technology goes, it does not look like it will be stopping the rate of progression anytime soon so it definitely has an effect on lawyers. It is important in the career because digital technology is used to obtain evidence that can be used for trials which helps lawyers in a lot of cases. In addition, digital technology allows for lawyers to be very organized when dealing with cases and criminal data. These kinds of things are very important because it allows lawyers to be very precise and also very smart with how they do things within the court room. I see digital technology advancing in my career by obtaining evidence by any means through technology. This would allow smoother trials and better lawyers all around because mistakes would be minimal.

Field Trip

During this field trip, we were able to see a full fledged datacenter right on the temple campus. We were able to see up close what a hard-drive looks like and be able to understand what consists in a datacenter. While being on this trip I learned that in order to maintain a database there needs to be these sort of “cooling units” where there are big fans blowing behind each hard-drive. These data centers need these because the hard-drives get to hot and could overheat very easy. I was surprised by how intricate the datacenter was because there is so much that goes in to putting everything together. For example, even though there were multiple working hard drives, there was a whole closet full of backup batteries just in case something overheats or crashes. I think this was a very smart thing to do because you never know when you might need them. Overall, this was a very interesting field trip and definitely got my mind thinking about how big some data centers can get due to the more information that needs to be stored.

Disruptive Technology

Three Disruptive Technologies:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence also known as AI, has come into this world with a full head of steam allowing these pieces of technology to copy functions of humans such as learning and solving problems. This could in the future take over jobs because it is relatively cheaper and also more efficient.
  2. 3D Printing: 3D printing has been advancing each year and it allows people to be able to print things such as utensils, furniture, and food. This would allow people to save money on a lot of everyday things that they may need, but can not afford.
  3. Robotics: Robotics has also been increasing at a high speed rate in which it allows people who maybe lost a limb to had robotic technology instead. This allows people to perform the same functions as people who have not lost a limb.

Pioneer: Chuck Hill

Chuck hill is the co founder of 3D printing and has is the inventor of 3D printing itself. He has signed over 60 patents that are in the works for fields of ion opticsĀ and rapid prototyping. Chuck Hill’s invention has shaped this mordern world because it allows people to create things that they may need for their natural life and that could really help them live better.

Rams vs. Saints NFC Championship

Crazy to think that with all the technology we have today, referees are still missing obvious calls in crucial situations. It should be allowed to review a play to see if their is a penalty that was missed. This is important because in such a crucial moment in a game, perfection needs to be met and this could be done through the technology we have now