Climate Change and Populations of Concern

Pollution Affects American Unequally

An interview with Dr. Robert Bullard:

Environmental justice emphasizes the fact that poor people and people of color get more than their fair share of things that other people don’t want: from landfills and lead smelters to refineries and chemical plants. It also asks that we make sure the things that make communities healthy and sustainable—such as grocery stores, farmers markets, access to clean and renewable energy—flow to communities that get left behind.

How climate change affects vulnerable populations:

Children  children-health-climate-change

Indigenous populations indigenous-health-climate-change

Older adults  older-adults-health-climate-change

People with medical conditions  existing-conditions-health-climate-change

People with disabilities  disabilities-health-climate-change

Pregnant women pregnant-health-climate-change

Climate change and human health climatehealth2016_01_introduction_small

Climate change in PA  climate-change-pa