About Denny

Hi, my name is Dennis Lifsted, you can call me Denny (he/him)

I am a senior History Major here at Temple University

The history of my life is rich with experiences and emotions, ranging from pure elation to grim unhappiness. I spent the first six years of my life in Northeast Philadelphia, particularly the Mayfair neighborhood. Here, my mother and father owned a row home on Chippendale street. due to the state of Philadelphia public schools, and other financial reasons, we moved to the quaint suburban town known as Huntingdon Valley, PA. Soon after the move, my parents divorced, insinuating a troubling and anxiety-filled few years. Although I enjoyed school and had a happy life, I suffered through my anxiety most of the time. After a peak in seventh grade, my anxiety became much less stressful and much more manageable. Thankfully, this change coincided with the start of high school, which was a much more enjoyable experience. Next, I was off to Temple, where my history persists this very moment.

History to me can be defined as a linear series of events and circumstances that have all contributed to creating the world in which we presently live. We document these events through many mediums, including song, dance, print, artwork, and so on. The goal of us currently living is to reference these events and circumstances in order to advance society beyond its current state

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