5 Cool Websites You Should Check Out!

Here are some resources we will be using this year!

  1. Starfall will help you learn your letters, sounds, and how to read.
  2. We will use YouTube to listen to songs and practice new vocabulary!
  3. ELLO will help us to practice our listening in English.
  4. Newsela is a website we will use to read news articles made for kids!
  5. Google Classroom is where all of your homework and assignments will be posted for the year.

8 Things I Believe About YOU!

Here are eight things I believe about you…

  1. I believe you are smart. You are capable of GREAT things!
  2. I believe you are a linguist. You speak TWO languages!
  3. I believe you will soon read books in Spanish AND English.
  4. I believe you will write in English to express your ideas.
  5. I believe you can grow to listen and comprehend English.
  6. I believe you can speak English by practicing and asking for help.
  7. I believe you can be independent and share knowledge with others.
  8. I believe you can reach your goals! 🙂