06-2018: Ecole polytechnique, Center for Applied Mathematics, France

06-2018: Ghent University, Adolphe Quetelet Lecture, Belgium

05-2018: Stanford University, Department of Statistics.

05-2018: Fifth Bayesian, Fiducial, and Frequentist (BFF5) Conference, Ann Arbor, MI.

04-2018: Rutgers University, Department of Statistics

11-2017:  University Of Pennsylvania, Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Informatics

10-2017:  One full day short course at 61st annual Fall Technical Conference (FTC), Philadelphia.

09-2017: University of Maryland, Department of Mathematics & Statistics.

08-2017:  Parzen Memorial Lecture,  Joint Statistical Meetings – Baltimore, Maryland.

06-2017:  17th ASMDA, De Morgan House of the London Mathematical Society, UK.

08-2016:  Parzen Memorial Lecture,  Corvallis, Oregon.

08-2016:  JSM Nonparametric Statistics Section, Chicago, Illinois.

06-2016:  International Society for NonParametric Statistics (ISNPS) Conference, Avignon, France.

05-2016: Graph Signal Processing Workshop, University of Pennsylvania.

09-2015: Princeton University, John W. Tukey 100th Birthday Celebration.

08-2014: Indian Statistical Institute (Statistics and Mathematics Unit ), Calcutta, India

06-2014: ISNPS (International Society of NonParametric Statistics) Conference, Cadiz, Spain

05-2014: Conference on Nonparametric Dependence Modeling, Columbia University, NYC

02-2014: Big Data Prediction and Analytics section, Conference on Statistical Practice, Tampa, FL

02-2013: Temple University, Department of Statistics

01-2013: Penn State University, Department of Statistics

06-2012: Merck Research Laboratories, Rahway, NJ

05-2012: University of Texas M. D. Anderson, Department of Bioinformatics, Computational Biology & Systems Biology (jointly), Houston, TX

05-2012: Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA

04-2012: Michigan State University, Department of Statistics

01-2012: Bell Laboratories, Statistics and Learning Research Department, Alcatel-Lucent

01-2012: Rutgers University, Department of Statistics

04-2011: IISA Conference on Probability, Statistics, and Data Analysis, Raleigh, NC

08-2010: Joint Statistical Meetings, Section on Nonparametric Statistics, Vancouver, Canada

04-2008: IIT Kanpur, Mathematics and Statistics Conference, Kanpur, India