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IAS: The Role Model Institute

A truly Ideal Seductive Atmosphere (IAS), where Research is not reduced to commercial profit and loss statements but a pursuit of big ideas and intellectual curiosity, which often appears to be risky and thus discouraged by current norms. On the other hand as reiterated in this recent NATURE article “Attempts to hit the publishable ‘sweet spot’ by avoiding both the prosaic and the risky are likely to reduce the efficiency of scientific discovery.”  Rzhetsky and colleagues [link] (drawing on millions of papers and patents published over 30 years)  further observed that “Successful research that goes against the crowd is more likely to garner high citations and prizes.”  I feel IAS provides a unique intellectual freedom in this regard.

However, I do feel that the presence of students and mild teaching (on a  modern advanced topic that simplifies and unifies current paradigm by giving a comprehensive connected view of that subject) might add more excitement to this intellectual environment.  Training (motivating and mentoring) next-generation of students is a part of academic professional duty, which is often immensely rewarding.