Two sides of Theoretical Data Science: Analysis and Synthesis

This discussion is motivated by a simple question (that was posed to me by a theoretical computer scientist): “What is the role of Statistics in the development of Theoretical Data Science?” The answer lies in understanding the big picture.

Theory of [Efficient] Computing: A branch of Theoretical Computer Science that deals with how quickly one can solve (compute) a given algorithm.  The critical task is to analyze algorithms carefully based on their performance characteristics to make it computationally efficient.

Theory of Unified Algorithms: An emerging branch of Theoretical Statistics that deals with how efficiently one can represent a large class of diverse algorithms using a single unified semantics. The critical task is to put together different “mini-algorithms” into a coherent master algorithm.

For overall development of Data Science, we need both ANALYSIS + SYNTHESIS. However, it is also important to bear in mind the distinction between the two.




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