About Me

Deep Temple Professor Statistics

I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Statistical Science department of Fox Business School at Temple University. I received my PhD from Texas A&M University. My advisors were Prof. Emanuel Parzen and Prof.  S. N. Lahiri.

My major research focus has been to develop modern notations and a new general theory of nonparametric statistical modeling that provide the required foundation for constructing “United Statistical Algorithms,” applicable for both small and big data with different data types and increasingly complex structures: univariate, multivariate, time series, spatial, image and graph data —  Nonparametric Data Science. In simple words, I am designing the “LEGO bricks” of Statistical Science.

I received Master’s degree in Statistics from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Kanpur) and Bachelor’s of Statistics from the University of Calcutta.

Here is my CV [PDF].