Nancy Grumet Prouty, U.S.G.S. Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

Nancy completed her Ph.D. at Stanford University in the Oceans Programs in 2004 after earning a M.S. at the University of New Hampshire. Her scientific background includes atmospheric chemistry, oceanography, and climate change.   Nancy has focused her research on enhancing our understanding of climate variability on human-relevant timescales and impact of human activities on the climate. Her training includes a postdoctoral position at the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Ocean Research (CICOR), a NOAA Cooperative Institute at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). She joined the U. S. Geological Survey in 2006 and is a research oceanographer and member of the Diversity, Systematics, and Connectivity of Vulnerable Reef Ecosystems (DISCOVRE) team. Nancy’s geochemical research at the USGS has focused accurately determining age, longevity and growth rates of deep-sea corals required for biological and ecological assessments and developing paleo-ecological studies over decades, centuries, and millennia in order to evaluate the sustainability of deep-sea coral ecosystems, timescales for recovery, and links to other deep-water habitats, including chemosynthetic communities.