Andrea M. Quattrini, Harvey Mudd College

Andrea investigates the processes that generate and maintain diversity in the deep sea. Her work crosses multiple disciplines as she integrates theories and tools from the fields of evolutionary biology, bioinformatics, genomics, oceanography, and community ecology. Her research questions are directed at helping to advance knowledge of deepwater fishes and corals, many of which are long-lived and slow growing and vulnerable to disturbances. 

            Andrea received a MS from UNC Wilmington prior to obtaining her PhD from Temple University under the mentorship of Erik Cordes. She has extensive experience investigating deep-sea coral and canyon communities along the US eastern seaboard. Working in the region since 2000, she has participated in multiple research cruises using submergence vehicles and midwater trawls to investigate ecosystems from the surface to the seafloor. As part of DEEPSEARCH, Andrea will investigate deepwater fish communities in the region, with a particular emphasis on whether different deep-sea habitats serve as functionally equivalent habitats for fishes. She will also be using genomic approaches to examine population connectivity of foundation species and their symbiotic associates. Andrea is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Harvey Mudd College and works with Cathy McFadden on the evolution of corals and their relatives.