As an individual you should always want to improve yourself. In reading this post you will find several ways you can improve yourself. Reading a book can can help you gain wisdom. Also if you read books you are feeding your brain more and more knowledge. Picking up a new language is also helpful because you are getting acquainted with a something new and through learning a new language you notice different cultures. Get out of your comfort zone. Real growth comes with hard work and dedication. Being comfortable does not help with self-improvement. Identifying your blind spots helps self-improvement as well. Blind spots are things that we are unaware of. Discovering your blind spots help you discover your areas of improvement. Finally ask for feedback. Asking for feedback will always give an additional help when trying to work on self improvement.

Favorite Foods

Anyone that knows me knows I am a person who likes to cook and eat. So below I have listed several links below to some of my favorite meals.


In School?

For students we all know October is the month where school starts to become stressful. It is the time where midterms are being taken, papers are being written, and sleep is being lost. In order to handle stress you have to know yourself and know when you need a mental break. When studying for test do not cram yourself take breaks such as eating a snack, taking a walk, or even taking a nap. Some tips in dealing with stress are trying different relaxation techniques, indulge in physical activity, have a girls night, and learn to say no. A big common part of stress is having a lot to do and too little time in which to do it. But in this situation a lot of people will still agree to take on an additional responsibility. Learning to say no to additional and unimportant tasks will help you reduce the level of stress.

Where do I begin?

Hey Guys!

Welcome to Dreu’s Corner! This is my personal blogging site where you can find different tips about anything and everything including makeup, clothes, school, and different recipes. I always wanted to start my own website, but I never did because I always thought I had nothing to offer. In starting this website I hope I am able to give you content that makes you want to come back.

I am currently a Senior at Temple University and I am currently studying Public Relations with a concentration in Strategic Communications.  I hope my website understands who I am and what I love.

-Dreu xo