Darby Wood

I am  a current sophomore at Temple University studying Therapeutic Recreation with a minor in Sociology of Health. I am still exploring my options as far as what kind of setting I would like to focus on and what population interests me most in therapeutic recreation. I discovered therapeutic recreation while researching physical and occupational therapy during my senior year of high school. Therapeutic recreation stood out to me because of the variety of different settings, methods and participants could experience therapy through recreation and leisure. After finding therapeutic recreation, I have not considered any other profession.

As far as the future, my dream would to be work and travel for the World Health Organization (WHO). Through the WHO, I want to increase the knowledge and awareness of therapeutic recreation internationally. I would also like to be working with retired or disabled veterans. I think there is an increasing need for assistance and support in stressful and traumatic inducing environments. Both of these options are an exciting future that I one day hope to have.

Although I have not had a lot of time in the field of therapeutic recreation, I have had some experience. I recently volunteered at a festival for all types people with disabilities, promoting and raising awareness for more art programs in the local community. I have also volunteered at a geriatrics independent living facility for, again, people with disabilities and people without. I hope to further develop experience and knowledge through my time at Temple University and one day achieve my dream of working for the WHO or with retired and disabled veterans

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