Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D, January 1976 — Temple University
M.A., January 1972 — Temple University
B.A., May 1970 — St. Joseph’s College


“Under the Watch-mender’s Eye: The Simplifying Image of the Creator in Yeats’s Autobiography,” 1975, Alan Wilde, Temple University


Princeton University, Assistant Professor, 1976-1979
University of Pittsburgh, Mellon Fellow, 1982-1983


Assistant Professor, 1979





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“Joseph G. Kronick, The American Poetics of History: From Emerson to the Moderns, CLIO, 18, 1 (1988), 100-101.

N.B. In the last three years, I have also done a total of 60 signed reviews for the Journal of Modern Literature.


“The Poetic Impulse: An Interview with Thomas Kinsella,” Contemporary Poetry, 4, 1 (1981), 1‑18. This journal is now called Poesis.


“Narrative and Dramatic Devices,” Arete’s American Scholar’s Encyclopedia


“The Resistance of Style: A Response to James Bloom’s Review of Lionel Trilling: The Work of Liberation in American Literary History 2, 4 (Winter 1990), 781-783.

EDITED BOOKS PUBLISHED OR IN PRESS: see above and file of annual reports



Annual Modern Language Association Convention, 1976-85 Invited Talks at Universities of Alabama, Notre Dame, Illinois, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Dartmouth College, Moorestown, Abington, and German High Schools, 1976-88.


“Mann, Kristeva, and the Imaginary Father,” English Department Colloquium, University of Pittsburgh, April 10, 1989.

“Paul de Man: An American Tale?” at the Critical Theory and Public Sphere Conference, Dartmouth College, May 26-28, 1989.

“Class and the Quality of Bewilderment in Late James” at NYU Conference on “Redefining Henry James’s Place in Culture” June 4-6, 1993; paper presented on Sunday, June 6 in the session chaired by Millicent Bell on “Henry James and Social Class.”

“Bewilderment and Illusion: The Measure of Judgment” at a Dartmouth Conference on “The U.S. and its Others” June 24-27, 1993. Paper was one of the three major addresses and it was given on Friday, June 25.

“Henry James’ Vision of Judgment” at MLA Special Session on “American Intellectuals at Century’s End, 1890s, 1990s,” December 29, 1994. Delivered by Paul A. Bové.

“The Return to Ethics: A Report from the Front” at Dartmouth on July 9, 1994.

See File of Annual Reports since 1994.


“The Cry of Its Occasion: The Roots of Terror and Modernist Poetry” (July 14, 2004: Dartmouth Conference on American Literature and Global Terrorism)

“Towards the Real Modernism: the Case of Wallace Stevens” (October 29, 2004: Columbia University/Union Theological Seminary Conference on Psychoanalysis and Culture).

“The Culture of Vision: Introducing Geoffrey Hartman” (December 28, 2004, Modern Language Association Annual Convention: Special Session Organizer and Presenter).

“Bringing Out the Terror: James Purdy and the Culture of Vision” (May 13, 2005, Dartmouth Conference of the James Purdy Society, Plenary Address).


Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 1970
Taylor Award for Teaching, Princeton University 1977
Summer Research Grant, Temple University 1981
Mellon Fellow, University of Pittsburgh, 1982-83
Temple University Paul W. Eberman Research Award, 1993
First Mellon Term Professor, CLA, Temple University, 2003-04.

INVITED ADDRESSES: See File of Annual Reports


TEACHING:  1983-88


Eng. 501 (every Fall) Introduction to Graduate Study
Eng. 715, 742, 743, 850: Philosophy of Literature
Criticism, History of Literary Criticism, 20th c.
Literary Criticism, Sts. in Literary Criticism
Eng. 171: Literature and Criticism
CC 50, College Composition
Eng. 272: Sts. in Modern Poetry
IH 51 Honors
Intellectual Heritage Honors
Advanced Seminars in Modern literature for majors
Eng. 765, 766
Eng. 90
MLA 413, 411

INDEPENDENT STUDY COURSES: For the last five years, give names of students and title of projects.

Margaret Horn, 1983-84
Mary Tiryak, Spring 1985
Dan Goodman, Spring 1987
Tina Barr, Spring 1987
Doug Gunn, Spring 1988
Kathryn Zervos, MLA, SSI & II, 1994

Mary Tiryak, 1983-84
Lindsay Davies, 1984-85
Robin Nilon, 1984-85
Tina Barr, 1985-86
Susan Mellen, 1987-88


Ann T. Salvatore, 1983-84
Paul Bonila, 1985-89
Robin Nilon, 1987-
Peter Muckley, 1987-91
Jeff Ford, 1988-91
Jackie Murphy, 1988-89
Michael Carroll, 1988-90
Edward Belfar, 1988-90
Mary Tiryak, 1989-91
Peter Maguire, 1988-91
Tina Barr, 1989-
Mary Rigsby, 1988-91
Daniel Goodman 1989-
J. T. Barbarese, 1990-
Kirsten Pierce, 1992
Kathy Dillon, 1992-
Suzanne Gittleman
Vanessa Rasmussen
Lily Sprague
Meta Mazaj
Bruce Plourde
John Wells
Ganina Lagodsky
Elizabeth Adams
Gina Masucci MacKenzie

*see current workload agreement for additional names

Member of MLA and of MLA Delegate Assembly
Member of NEMLA
College English Association
Review Editor of Boundary 2: A Journal of Postmodern Literature and Culture
Editorial Board, Journal of Modern Literature
Research and Program Development, 1983-84
CAS Promotions Committee, 1986-89
CAS Graduate Committee, 1988-
Committee on CAS Interdisciplinary Programs
Writing Across the Curriculum Sub-Committee, 1983-84
Talks at various local High Schools (see talks)


MLA Delegate Assembly, 1994-96.
Review Editor, boundary 2, 1982-

Editorial Collective, boundary 2, 1990-
Review Editor, JML, 1999-
Editor, JML, 2003-


Member, GEEC, 2005-
President of Faculty Senate, Fall 2005
Vice-President of Faculty Senate, 2004-2005
Co-Chair, General Education Task Force, 2003-04.
Editor, The Faculty Herald, 2002-2004.
Vice-President, The Faculty Senate, 2003-04
President, The Faculty Senate, 2004-


See above


English Department Committees:

Promotions and Tenure (regularly)
Hiring (regularly)
Executive (on and off since 1984)
Graduate Executive (1984-)
Undergraduate (1983-85; 1992-)
Assistant to Graduate Chair (1984-85)
Undergraduate Chair (1985)
Graduate Chair (1987-1989)
Acting Dept. Chair, (Summers, 84, 85, 87, 88; Spring & Summer 1993)
Sub Committee on Graduate Curriculum revision `91-
Admissions Committee (50 files last year)

Administrative Positions:

Assistant to Graduate Chair (1984-85)
Undergraduate Chair (1985)
Graduate Chair (1987-1989)
Acting Department Chair (Summers, 84, 85, 87, 88; January-August, 1993)
Chair of the Department (July 1, 1995-)



Regular Press Reader for Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, Columbia, Methuen, Rutgers, University of Illinois, Northwestern, University of Georgia, University of Chicago, Florida State University Presses, Wayne State University Press, University of Pennsylvania, and Oxford University Press.

External Reviewer for Promotion and Tenure at Other Universities: Wisconsin, Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama, Princeton, Virginia, Illinois, Michigan.


*For additional information, please see the file of Annual Reports for me. (since 1994) in the English Department Chair’s Office.



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