Narrating Demons: Rereading Genius in Mid-Century Modern Fictional Memoir
(Ohio State University Press: 2012)
Download .pdf version here

Visions of Global America and the Future of Critical Reading
(Ohio State University Press: 2009)
Download .pdf version here

The Art of Reading as a Way of Life: On Nietzsche’s Truth
(Northwestern University Press: 2009)
Download .pdf version here

Empire Burlesque: The Fate of Critical Culture in Global America
(Duke University Press: 2003)

Radical Parody: American Culture & Critical Agency After Foucault
(Columbia University Press: 1992, 1994)

Lionel Trilling: The Work of Liberation
(University of Wisconsin Press: 1988)

The Romance of Interpretation: Visionary Criticism from Pater to De Man
(Columbia University Press: 1985)

Tragic Knowledge: Yeats’s Autobiography and Hermeneutics
(Columbia University Press: 1981)


The Philological Imagination. Special Issue of boundary 2: 37, 3 (Fall: 2010)

Henry James Against the Aesthetic Movement With David Garrett Izzo. (McFarland: 2006)

Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams: A Newly Revised Edition Based on the A. A. Brill Translation With Gina MacKenzie (Barnes and Noble Classics, 2005)

The Geoffrey Hartman Reader  (Edinburgh and Fordham University Presses: 2004)

“Global Freud,” JML, 25: 3/4 (Fall 2003)

“Thinking Through Art: Aesthetic Agency and Global Modernity.”  (With Alan Singer). A Special Issue of Boundary 2, 25:1

Why Nietzsche Now? (Indiana University Press: 1985)

The Question of Textuality: Strategies of Reading in Contemporary American Criticism. With Paul A. Bove and William V. Spanos. (Indiana University Press: 1982)

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