Poise and Awareness

Poise and Awareness

Being injured as a dancer can be a very difficult journey, but it also can teach you a lot if you allow it. Technique classes turn into observations where you take notes; an opportunity for you to listen to what the teacher is conveying. I’ve noticed over the past week of being injured and observing classes that my ears pick up on things much more then if I were merely taking the class to learn the technique.

Being a dancer is really amazing in itself; when you think of the amount of body awareness, connection to the audience, each other and the music all require to reach a certain level of competence. There can also be many things that are overlooked in a class when we are sifting through what at times can be sensory overload.

One thing that resonated with me through observing is the beauty that can exist when dancers are listening to their bodies to teach them how to move. So many times we think our brains are controlling our bodies; but the body really has a depth of knowledge that we can access. It’s beautiful to witness the teacher imparting knowledge to the student that coexists with the dancer’s own body intelligence.

Professor Kun-Yang Lin is always very inspirational in class and watching that flow on to the students is a rewarding process. I will close with a quote from class he shared; “The space around you is quiet and you moving into it is what you say as an artist.” Let us, whether dancer or not, enter every space with poise and awareness.

Temple University dancer’s in Professor Kun-Yang Lin’s Modern class

– Alana Melene Yost, 1st year MFA

Kun-Yang Lin Dancers

As we head into the Holiday Season, I think of the many things for which I am grateful, including the opportunity to create new works through my company, Kun-Yang Lin Dancers.  Shortly after our performance at The Egg, an architecturally wondrous, 1,000-seat theatre in Albany, NY, KYL/D (which includes 3 Temple Dance alumni) began work on HOME, a new piece inspired by stories of the diverse residents of Southeast Philadelphia, where KYL/D’s research center is located.

Through HOME, we are working for the first time with methodologies adapted from the practices of the acclaimed Cornerstone Theater Company of LA.  Experimenting with new ways of creating, while inviting non-artist, immigrant members of our community to contribute to the creative process in ways that also are new to such folks — who typically are marginalized — is incredibly rewarding.  Over the next several months, KYL/D will be offering glimpses into our research through work-in-progress showings, including at the Temple Dance Faculty Concert in January.  There is nothing more exciting than creating and sharing works that spark conversations on timely issues and have the potential to foster new ways of seeing the world, and our relation to it.  That is what art is all about!

Kun-Yang Lin, Associate Professor


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