Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Laura Katz Rizzo

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Laura Katz Rizzo
This summer, Laura Katz Rizzo danced through achievements in film, literature and ballet.
First, she attended American Ballet Theatre’s National Training Curriculum Course to refresh her work in ballet curricula. She also studied with with Igal Perry and gained new perspectives on the structure and teaching techniques of ballet class.
Laura attended the CORPS de Ballet International Conference, where she took master classes from Virginia Johnson and presented her own work on the dancer/wrestler Ricki Starr. Laura submitted her chapter on Starr, which will be featured in a collected edition of essays entitled Wrestling and Performance.
Laura also spent her summer working with young musicians, conducting interdisciplinary workshops on Baroque dance and history.
Nelly Berman Workshop
In addition to her studies in ballet and dance history, Laura began work on an independent film entitled Tako Vs Sora with film-maker Lauren Wolkenstein, dancer Sun Mi Cho , Ophidian and Closet Champion Mike Quakenbush, and members of Chikara Promotions.
It doesn’t stop there! This Fall, Laura has been invited for guest residency and lecture appearances for her book, Dancing the Fairy Tale: Producing and Performing The Sleeping Beauty. 
She recently spoke about the book in several summer ballet intensives, and will next present at Ballet Forte in New Jersey. Laura has also been invited to speak at Smith College this fall. All are encouraged to come out and support our incredibly dedicated faculty member. Here’s to another year of success.