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Show Us YOUR Campus Pantry!

With almost 500 registered members of our Alliance, we want you to join us celebrating the work we all passionately share in the endeavor to end college hunger and food insecurity across the nation!

You can do this by kindly submitting a 10-15 second video clip showcasing your on campus facility, operating staff, and sharing a highlight of why YOU fight to end hunger.

Full guidelines for submission as follows:

– Video clip in .mp4 format should be no longer than 15 seconds
– Showcase images and/or video footage of the campus pantry facility that also includes signage of the institution and pantry name
– Include images or footage of facility staff and/or pantry visitors (Please seek prior consent*)
– Include footage of staff announcing and addressing “why you and your institution fight to end student hunger on campus?”
– All submissions should be uploaded to the following link with a filename that includes SCHOOL NAME + PANTRY NAME: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B48pfvhHPAKnTXc0cmpwWXdrYlU?usp=sharing
– Deadline for submission is May 17, 2017

* Submission implies CUFBA takes permission to publicly share and use footage for CUFBA business purposes such as marketing and fundraising *


Originally published by Sonal Chauhan May 8, 2017

Campus Kitchens Startup Grant Opportunities!

If hunger and food waste are issues in your community and you want to make an impact on both the community need and the waste on campus, consider starting a Campus Kitchen chapter at your school. Campus Kitchen students rescue food that would have gone to waste from their on-campus dining hall cafeterias and use that food to prepare and serve balanced nutritious meals food insecure residents in their communities.

The Campus Kitchens Project is currently offering $5,000 startup grants to schools that are interested in working with older adult (50+) populations in their community. To begin the application process, visit the grants page or reach out directly to Matt Schnarr at mschnarr@campuskitchens.orgPlease visit the grant info page to learn more about this grant competition timeline and guidelines. Schools that qualify will then submit a short video explaining the need in their community and how a Campus Kitchen will meet that need. Selected finalists will compete in a week long voting competition, where at the end of the week, the 3 school’s videos with the highest number of votes will each receive $5,000 to plan and launch their Campus Kitchen!

Originally published by Sonal Chauhan January 15, 2016

National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week 2015!

This week is National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week (NHHAW), an annually recognized week during which members of communities across the nation join together as advocates participating in a social movement to resolve the root causes of homelessness and hunger.

A  number of  American higher education institutions recognize NHHAW through implementing high impact events on campus in an effort to bring awareness to the challenges that, not only do our neighbors in the community face, but also the same challenges that our very own students face, as a result of homelessness, hunger, and/or food insecurity.

As a proud, active food bank/pantry on your campus that is focused on alleviating food insecurity, hunger, and poverty, it is strongly suggested to support the national social activism movement that NHHAW represents through hosting intentional activities throughout this week, annually, in the following recommended ways:

– Serve as a host for Oxfam America Hunger Banquet to interactively bring the campus community’s attention to how, by luck of the draw, some individuals are born into prosperity and others into poverty. Resources and tool kit to host the event provided by Oxfam America: http://www.oxfamamerica.org/take-action/events/hunger-banquet/

– Plan and execute a panelist event for audience members to understand the challenges associated with individuals facing chronic hunger or food insecurity or those who transitioned out of the cycle of poverty.

– Wide spread, large scale campus community donation initiative in which the pantry/bank requests specific items in need to stock the facility and intensively markets where donation boxes will be place throughout campus for the entire week.

The fight against hunger needs to be ongoing, no doubt; however, intentionally participating in NHHAW educates the masses to join our social movement to alleviate hunger and food insecurity!


Originally published by Sonal Chauhan November 19, 2015