#RealCollege 2 – October 23-24, 2017. Temple University. 

Without sufficient food and a good night’s rest, undergraduates across the nation are struggling to learn. This national crisis demands action, and #RealCollege is a meeting of the leaders who accept that challenge and are working to transform higher education to meet the needs of every student.

The first #RealCollege convening took place in April 2016 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Led by the Wisconsin HOPE Lab, more than 150 policymakers, practitioners, advocates, faculty, students, and researchers working to secure undergraduates’ basic needs came together for the two-day event and together achieved the following goals:

  1. We created bridges between action-oriented programs to help coordinate their work and learn each other’s successes and failures.
  2. We connected policymakers to service providers and researchers whose experiences and knowledge can point the way toward an effective policy agenda.
  3. We identified current areas of knowledge and gaps in research.
  4. We connected researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to galvanize new data collection and research in this field.

The second #RealCollege will build on that success.

Join us to learn from leaders working to reduce food and housing insecurity, ending no-cause evictions, putting homeless student liaisons on all college campuses, offering rent-free housing, broadening student access to food stamps, and ensuring that every college makes effective and just use of its food resources. We will learn about strategies for effective lobbying and how best to work with college administrators to implement changes.  In day-long workshops, we will also dig deep into key topics like how to operate effective campus food pantries or craft supportive state policies.

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