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Rolling Stone: Tens of Thousands of College Students Have Nowhere to Sleep

An article on the issues of poverty, homelessness, and food insecurity facing thousands of college students:

As we begin 2016 it is clear that we have much work to do for students.  Let’s resolve to make this year the best yet for CUFBA and working to fight food insecurity on campuses across the country!

Originally published by Nate Smith-Tyge January 6, 2016

Souper Bowl of Caring

Check out this great opportunity to engage in service and help feed people!

Mission Statement

Using the energy of the Super Bowl to mobilize youth in a united national effort to care for people in their local communities who are hungry and those in need.

Vision Statement

Transform the time around the Super Bowl into the nation’s largest celebration of giving and serving.

We believe:

  • The idea for Souper Bowl of Caring is a gift from God
  • Young people have the ability to serve and should be given opportunities to lead their communities in helping others
  • Every dollar collected through Souper Bowl of Caring should be donated directly to a charity selected by each participating group
  • People of all backgrounds and beliefs can work together
  • Hunger and poverty have a negative impact on individuals and the communities in which they live, yet there is joy in serving and giving to those in need
  • The excitement and energy surrounding the Super Bowl can be used to engage young people in service while producing lasting hope for all people


Originally published by Clare Cady December 8, 2015

National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week 2015!

This week is National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week (NHHAW), an annually recognized week during which members of communities across the nation join together as advocates participating in a social movement to resolve the root causes of homelessness and hunger.

A  number of  American higher education institutions recognize NHHAW through implementing high impact events on campus in an effort to bring awareness to the challenges that, not only do our neighbors in the community face, but also the same challenges that our very own students face, as a result of homelessness, hunger, and/or food insecurity.

As a proud, active food bank/pantry on your campus that is focused on alleviating food insecurity, hunger, and poverty, it is strongly suggested to support the national social activism movement that NHHAW represents through hosting intentional activities throughout this week, annually, in the following recommended ways:

– Serve as a host for Oxfam America Hunger Banquet to interactively bring the campus community’s attention to how, by luck of the draw, some individuals are born into prosperity and others into poverty. Resources and tool kit to host the event provided by Oxfam America:

– Plan and execute a panelist event for audience members to understand the challenges associated with individuals facing chronic hunger or food insecurity or those who transitioned out of the cycle of poverty.

– Wide spread, large scale campus community donation initiative in which the pantry/bank requests specific items in need to stock the facility and intensively markets where donation boxes will be place throughout campus for the entire week.

The fight against hunger needs to be ongoing, no doubt; however, intentionally participating in NHHAW educates the masses to join our social movement to alleviate hunger and food insecurity!


Originally published by Sonal Chauhan November 19, 2015

200 Reflections

Hey all –

I don’t know how much you know about how CUFBA is run, but it’s definitely a labor of love and passion. Nate and I created it in our spare time three years ago with a little bit of money from Michigan State (thank you!) and some internet elbow grease from the student staffers at Oregon State Human Services Resource Center (thank you too!). We never thought that an effort to connect the few campus food pantries, banks, and closets that were around in 2011-2012 would turn into such an incredible movement. We definitely never thought that we’d be considered the voice and knowledge holders of this work. Today it is still just Nate and I running things…both still in our spare time. I am the “voice” while Nate takes on our technical work…getting things lined up like the forum and wrangling our web guys to get them to move faster on all of our ideas. We have lots and lots and lots of ideas.

Nate is a PhD student and I have been working full time as a student affairs professional, so we apologize if we don’t get back to emails as quickly as we would if CUFBA was our main gig. For a few weeks I will be a little off the radar because I am taking a new position at Single Stop USA in New York. Going through a cross-country move makes it hard to be on top of things, but I am writing to you from Lawrence, KS, where I will be speaking at University of Kansas folks as they start their hunger movement on campus. I will be talking about CUFBA and highlighting some of your great work.

CUFBA is about to reach 200 member schools, and we are grateful that there are so many schools out there looking to alleviate student food insecurity. In the coming months we have plans to create a larger pool of resources to share with you and other schools focused on this important issue. We may put out calls for things like budgets, food lists, volunteer management protocols, and other things that can help build our team capacity and develop best practices. I am planning a YouTube video series, and I hope that campuses will contribute with virtual tours.

We are also looking to bring on a couple of new folks to join us in CUFBA development. If you have interest in pitching in, we are hoping to find people interested in engaging in campus consultations and/or creating educational resources. Shoot us an email

So thanks to you all…for your work, your patience, and your support!

In service to students,


Originally published by Clare Cady April 28, 2015

SACSA Conference Collaboration



Anyone interested in collaboration on a conference proposal??? Connect with Jillian!

For more info on SACSA go here


Did you present at a conference on your pantry, on student food insecurity? Are you willing to share your resources with us? We’d love to be able to post them on our site. Please email them to

Originally published by Clare Cady April 7, 2015


Hey all,

Clare here – thought I would share with you some of my thoughts from my time at the NASPA Annual Conference in New Orleans. I had the amazing privilege to rep Oregon State, CUFBA, and the Socioeconomic and Class Issues in Higher Education KC in a number of ways. There were over 7,800 people at the conference, and a good number of CUFBA schools. It was fun to connect, teach, learn, and dream about ways to support students.

The most impactful experience to me and to what CUFBA is and means was the pre-conference workshop I was able to run with colleague Sara Goldrick-Rab from the University of Wisconsin. We had 25 participants, and a few of them were folks we’ve had the privilege of working with through CUFBA. Our conversations ranged from the reason financial aid is no longer supporting students and families, to how we create programs to support homeless students, to the nuts and bolts of creating a campus pantry program. All of the conversations were trained on answering shared question: how do we support students experiencing economic crisis, poverty, and other socioeconomic challenges in their persistence toward a degree.

A couple of things came up for me while I was in the NASPA space that I thought I would share:

1) I have been thinking a lot about #CUFBACreates and IT IS TIME. Who wants to work with me in developing open-source digital tools that support campuses in starting pantries?

2) Pantries are just the start. We need to think about what is next after we get them going. Yes, this is a lot to ask in many cases. That said, we need to work to shape the campus environments where our students study. We need to think about their access to other services and resources. We need to consider policies that alleviate rather than create barriers for students. I am a West Wing nerd, and I will end this point with the Jed Bartlet quote, “what’s next?”

3) We have SO MANY ALLIES. VP’s, Presidents, Human Services Agencies, Nonprofits, Staff, Faculty, Students…I met people from all of these categories and more who were excited about what we are doing, and want to get involved. Let’s harness this energy and move forward together.

I should share with you all that I am about to make a significant transition from Oregon State to work at Single Stop USA to work with their National College Programs. I am hoping to carve out some more time in the future for CUFBA endeavors, and I am hoping we can loop in some more members with our leadership. Please let me know if you have interest in being involved. If you are wondering what “involvement” may look like, I will be posting something about that soon.

All the best,


Originally published by Clare Cady March 31, 2015