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Student Food Security Scholarship

We are excited to see so many graduate students writing papers and doing projects focused on student food insecurity. Here’s a poster presentation by Drew Desilet at Oregon State University.

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Originally published by Clare Cady December 19, 2014

Stonybrook Pantry Opens

The Stony Brook Food pantry, which was founded by students for students, opened Wednesday, September 18. Many students that attend Stony Brook university are not eligible for state or federal food assistance, that’s where the food bank comes into play. The organizers at Stony Brook University looked to member schools of CUFBA (College and University Food Bank Association) as a model for their pantry.

Many students across the country do not qualify for food assistance programs, which is where student food banks step in. Casey McGloin, a project staff assistant with the School of Health Technology and Management says “If [students] come and tell us that they need food, we’ll give it to them.”

Originally published by CUFBA staff September 19, 2013