Author: Clare Cady

CUFBA Implementation Study Award Recipients Named

In the Fall of 2017, CUFBA released a survey to our members for the CUFBA Implementation Study. The goals of the survey are to:

· Gain a better understanding of how campuses start and run food pantries
· Explore issues and challenges campuses face in starting and running food pantries
· Understand the reasons why campuses do not start food pantries
· Learn what other interventions campuses might be doing to address student food insecurity

We received responses from over 300 schools…  THANK YOU to ALL who completed the survey in an effort to contribute to the study! All campuses that completed the survey were eligible to receive a $500 award for better serving students experiencing basic needs insecurities. An exciting CONGRATULATIONS goes out to University of Washington – Seattle & Wilson Community College, the two randomized award winners! 

Results of the survey will be shared among members, will be operationalized into new resources for CUFBA members, and will be shared in a national report put out by the HOPE Center for College, Community, and Justice at Temple University in the near future.

What are you doing for H&H Week?

If you’re looking for ways to fight poverty this fall, consider being part of Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week. For more than forty years, this nationwide event has helped bring together communities to declare that every person deserves a meal and a home.

Visit to learn more about Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week.

Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week takes place this year from November 11-19. The week is a chance to educate your community, draw attention to the problem of poverty,

and recruit new volunteers and supporters for local anti-poverty agencies.

This amazing event was first held in 1975, and this year more than 750 colleges, community groups, and faith-based groups across the country will take part.

You can help build the movement to end poverty by organizing Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week in your community this year. To do so, you would spend the week holding community service, fundraising, and educational events to engage your community around hunger and homelessness.

If you’re interested in participating, visit to learn how to get involved.



Stonybrook Pantry Opens

The Stony Brook Food pantry, which was founded by students for students, opened Wednesday, September 18. Many students that attend Stony Brook university are not eligible for state or federal food assistance, that’s where the food bank comes into play. The organizers at Stony Brook University looked to member schools of CUFBA (College and University Food Bank Association) as a model for their pantry.

Many students across the country do not qualify for food assistance programs, which is where student food banks step in. Casey McGloin, a project staff assistant with the School of Health Technology and Management says “If [students] come and tell us that they need food, we’ll give it to them.”

Originally published by CUFBA staff September 19, 2013