Show Us YOUR Campus Pantry!

With almost 500 registered members of our Alliance, we want you to join us celebrating the work we all passionately share in the endeavor to end college hunger and food insecurity across the nation!

You can do this by kindly submitting a 10-15 second video clip showcasing your on campus facility, operating staff, and sharing a highlight of why YOU fight to end hunger.

Full guidelines for submission as follows:

– Video clip in .mp4 format should be no longer than 15 seconds
– Showcase images and/or video footage of the campus pantry facility that also includes signage of the institution and pantry name
– Include images or footage of facility staff and/or pantry visitors (Please seek prior consent*)
– Include footage of staff announcing and addressing “why you and your institution fight to end student hunger on campus?”
– All submissions should be uploaded to the following link with a filename that includes SCHOOL NAME + PANTRY NAME:
– Deadline for submission is May 17, 2017

* Submission implies CUFBA takes permission to publicly share and use footage for CUFBA business purposes such as marketing and fundraising *


Originally published by Sonal Chauhan May 8, 2017

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