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We get asked for all kinds of information: budgets, startup plans, contracts, check lists, MOUs, newsletters, event ideas…the list goes on and on and on. We love to be able to provide you with the ongoing 1:1 care that we could back when we started up, but our growth has been amazing and Nate and I just don’t have the time for everyone anymore. It’s a great problem to have in some ways – we will reach the 200 mark in campuses that have joined CUFBA this year!

So our new goal is this: get information, curate it, organize it, and share. Share broadly. Share widely. Share freely.

We will be starting to increase the items on the site that you can download and use as you serve students. What would be really helpful to us is to know what we should start with. Perhaps there are folks out there who want to know more about managing their storage so that items don’t expire. Perhaps it would be helpful for us to share budget templates, or sample MOUs with nonprofits, or intake paperwork. Our goal is to make that more easily available so that campuses can come to the site to get what they need, and if they have more challenging questions they can bring them to the group or the leadership. Sound good?

We need two things from you all:

1) Requests for where we should start. What do you want???

2) If you have items you think other campuses would like to use, please provide them for us to share.

We will be posting collections and tools by category, and once we know what would be best to start, we will work on that. If you have requests, or you want to give us items to share please email cufbanational@gmail.com

Originally published by Clare Cady March 17, 2015

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