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Fenty Beauty

I took a trip to Sephora to check out the collection in person. To my surprise most of the products were sold out! I heard that people went crazy over the collection but I wasn’t expecting to see an almost bare display. More then half of the foundation shades and the Killawatt freestyle highlighter in Trophy Wife was sold out. Trophy wife is so popular because of its blinding effect it yields and because Rihanna looked so stunning in it for the beauty brand launch.

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife


I did have the pleasure of testing out the universal lip luminizer and the match stixs. Lets start out with the lip gloss. I thought it was a great shimmery rosey nude shade that would look great on all skin types. The gloss wasn’t too sticky or glittery and had a great shine.


The match stixs caught my eye because there are so many shades! There are matte and shimmery shades to be used all over the face. Shades for contouring, bronzing, highlighting, blush and lip color. You can really wear these however you see fit.  I love how they are magnetic and stick together for traveling purposes. Both matte and shimmer shades blended out to a semi powder finish, which will go well with the soft matte foundation. There are 20 matte shades, so you are definitely bound to find your perfect cream contour shade!


I was impressed with the packaging and overall look of the collection. I love how every skin tone is included and everyone has a fair chance to use the products because the wide range of colors. Far too often brands release products that do not include all skintones. I read an article a while ago stating that some brands did not include darker foundation shades because they thought they wouldn’t sell. The darker shades from Fenty beauty flew off the shelves, so clearly they were terribly mistaken. Hopefully this starts a trend of inclusion and other brands follow suit to provide shades for us all!



Not too long ago I promised myself I would take better care of my skin (I’m not getting any younger lol). I started by asking around to friends and family to see what type and brand of products they were using at the moment in their skincare routine. I definitely want to add an eye cream to my routine. I did some research and decided to give Kiehls a try. Previously I tried some of their products through a friend and I had gotten some free samples from shopping at Sephora. (*Pro Tip: you can ask for a sample of anything they carry at Sephora no matter what it is. They even let you have samples of the perfumes!)

I decided to go with the ultra facial cleanser, ultra facial cream and creamy eye treatment. My skin type is normal to dry. I get breakouts here and there but being moisturized is my biggest concern. I hate when my skin feels tight after washing and putting moisturizer on. To my surprise I loved all the products I brought! I have been using these products for a couple months and it is almost time to repurchase.  The ultra facial cleanser thoroughly cleans my face and removes stubborn makeup without over drying or stripping my skin of its natural oils. The ultra facial cream is super moisturizing but not heavy. I seem to be most picky about my moisturizers because I hate that tight feeling you get after you wash your face. Some moisturizers don’t relieve that feeling, but the Kiehls moisturizer did. I’m new to eye creams so it seems to do its job, my under eye has never been so moisturized in my life lol.

I think Kiehls is a wonderful brand that produces high quality products. They have been in the industry for a while so I wouldn’t expect anything less. They have a wide-range of products for all ages and skin types. Their prices aren’t the cheapest but I think the quality of product is worth the money. I would definitely recommend the brand to anyone looking to try something different. As for the question, will I repurchase? Yes I will repurchase some of the products but I am curious to try out other brands as well. I think I want to try Belief true aqua bomb moisturizer, I had a sample of it and I think it will hold up to my moisturizing concerns. I will update you all with my skincare progress.

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Fenty Beauty

Starting out with my first blog post how can I not start with the most sought after makeup line out right now. Fenty Beauty is Rihanna’s debut makeup line that just recently launched in all sephora stores and also online. The Fenty beauty collection is very complexion focused. The collection includes a wide range of foundation shades, foundation primer, lip gloss, highlighters, blotting powder, skinsticks, brushes and a sponge. Rihanna’s saw there was a void in the industry for products across all skintones, her goal was to provide a makeup line “so that women everywhere would be included”. She focused on providing a wide range of foundations for hard to match skin tones, with formulas for all skin types. The line is designed to be lightweight and to “make skin look like skin”. Makeup has no rules so don’t be afraid to try new things and have fun!