A strong script can make or break a movie. Writing is arguably the backbone of any film, book, or work of art especially when it comes to fiction writing. I’ve written few scripts before, all of them were fictional stories, and while doing so I realized the importance of the way that scripts must be structured to create an entertaining visual experience for viewers. Writing a script is very different than writing a novel or writing a story in general. When writing a script you must have an image of the whole scene in your mind and exactly how it’s going to go, including the camera work, and direction. You begin writing a scene by telling the audience where the scene is taking place which should include if it’s interior or exterior, who is in the scene, and context for why the scene is happening. Afterward, the first speaking character would be written down and this is sometimes followed by an action that this character is doing in parentheses. This character’s dialogue would then be written and followed by another character’s dialogue or more screen directions. This is just a quick example of my scriptwriting process and how tedious it can really feel compared to writing a story that is meant to be just written and not turned into a visual experience. There is a lot more detail required. Scriptwriting allows the writer to imagine the words being written to be acted out by real people, it creates a combination of technical and realistic writing. When scriptwriting, the writer must include every object or prop that the characters will be using. They must keep in mind how these objects will be used when they will be used, and where. They also must keep in mind how these seemingly small in significance things are actually important to the story being told and the scene being acted out. Speaking of being acted out, acting and actors can really affect a script and how it’s written. Some screenwriters have a specific type or kind of actor that they can see in a specific role. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not. There are specific actors that fit certain roles the best and this is something that most writers have in mind. Although this is true, some writers just want the part filled and the role does not have to be filled with a specific actor or a specific kind of actor. Characters are arguably the most important part of fictional entertainment, so when writing these characters and casting them, writers make sure that this person is perfect for the job. Writing characters for a script is also slightly different than it is from writing them in general. Scriptwriters have the opportunity to write in actions that a character can do that would show the kind of character they are. For example, if the writer is writing for a nervous character then they could put in the script “Margret (looking at the ground nervously)”. This shows that this character is doing this specific action nervously. This can be done when writing fiction in general but the format is a little different than it is for a script. Besides props, objects, and characters the scriptwriter must also consider the set or sets that will have to be created or found for shooting the film. With fiction writing, this can be a difficult task depending on the kind of story being written. If the plot involves things that are a lot easier to imagine than create, such as characters being in space or having special abilities, or even intense action sequences with explosions, then the writer should take note of this and find a way to make these scenes come to life in the best and most efficient way possible. Depending on the production budget and team, a screenwriter might be able to write these scenes with ease. They can create the most creative and astronomically creative moments in their writing that viewers will be able to watch these characters go through and experience. But on the other side of things, if the writer is going to lack these resources then this beautifully written scene can look very unprofessional and out of place. Scriptwriting is a very fun and interesting way of writing. The differences between writing fiction in general and scriptwriting can be frustrating at first, but once you get the hang of it, things feel very natural. I recommend that anyone who enjoys writing to try it.

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