Godzilla V. Kong

Recently I just watched the blockbuster monster movie Godzilla V Kong. The film is exactly how you would expect it to be, two enormous monsters fighting each other and it’s extremely entertaining. As far as a fictional movie that relies on action and visual moments of destruction I thought the whole movie was done well. Well written, well-directed, and visually pleasing with cool characters. I did not watch any of the movies that came prior to this one but I still followed along with the narrative well without much confusion. Most of the gripes people have with this movie involve the fact that the scenes or moments with the human characters slow the movie down and make it slightly boring. I can agree, I feel that when it comes to movies like this where the premise involves two callosal titans battling on an enormous scale, of course, the parts with human characters doing tedious tasks and being put in danger seem very insignificant in comparison. And although this is true, I do think that they did an okay job at writing these characters. Some of these characters are carried from the previous films but you can still grow a bond with some of them regardless if you are caught up or not. A lot of the scenes where these characters are on screen involve them trying to figure something out, sneaking into somewhere, and talking about things that the audience aren’t really going to care about. I try to think of other ways this could have been written creatively but I honestly do not think that could have been possible. They can not remove these scenes entirely because they need human characters that the audience cares about to tell the story. They can’t tell the story through Kong and Godzilla alone, that would be impossible. I’ve heard from others that in the first movie in this franchise “Godzilla”, he was barely even in the movie visually and this only created an extremely slow and boring film. In this film, there was too much involvement of these human characters and this ruined the film entirely. Godzilla V. Kong fixes this mistake and creates a good divide between the monsters fighting and human scenes. In this film specifically, there are more scenes with Godzilla and Kong than there are of human characters which is definitely the only way to make this movie enjoyable, they did a good job with that. One thing that I believe could have been done better was Godzilla. This movie gives Kong a lot of screen time and character development which is great, I love the scenes where they show him in his territory and give information about his past and motives visually. Godzilla lacks a lot of this character development, he feels more like a caricature than a character with an arc. I can definitely see how this could be difficult for writers to give characters that don’t speak development especially because they are already doing that with Kong however, as a viewer you almost feel that the writers were more biased toward Kong because of how much development he has as a character. This may be because Godzilla had 2 films before this one and Kong only had one but either way I see this only as a minor issue. As far as the writing goes I think it was great. The plot made sense but the characters did not always make the most logical decisions for the most part. This isn’t a big issue either however because you can’t expect something like that from a movie that’s about monsters that fight. I can’t imagine how large the budget was for this movie because the CGI and special effects were great. Everything looked extremely real, even when the human characters were involved too which is difficult to do. In any movie with lots of CGI today there’s usually something that throws me off and takes me out of the movie creating a break of emersion which is expected, it’s almost impossible to create something like that perfectly but this movie did not take me out once when it came to things like that. Overall though, this movie was well done for what it is and I watched it free with HBO max which is even better. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a fun movie like this and something like this is something I only dreamed of watching when I was younger. I’m happy this was made and a sequel would be cool.

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