Character Development and Arcs

In all forms of entertainment and even in aspects of real life, character development is extremely important. Character development is what makes the characters in your story feel real and what gives them personality. A bland character, especially if it’s the story’s protagonist, can be very dull and uninteresting. As a fiction writer, it’s your job to give these characters life and develop personalities for them that fit and work for the story you are trying to tell. Exciting characters can be what makes a good story good because the readers have something to hold on to and something that keeps them invested. Another thing about character development is the relationships between these characters. Character relationships should add something to the story and be something for readers to hold on to and become familiar with. It’s always great for readers to fall in love with these character’s relationships because that way they become invested in the story and care about what happens to these characters. So if the characters in a narrative are interesting and their relationships with each other are compelling, then the last step is to make sure that these characters and their relationships make sense and are coherent when relating to the story. These characters can’t have specific personalities for no reason, they must make sense for the narrative being written. Every detail matters in this situation, the traits of a character’s personality need to be significant in some way. Like I previously said, these characters should have specific traits and motives for their actions however, these characters can also have a moment where things change and they go through a transformation. This transformation is a character arc and is extremely important when crafting a compelling narrative. Characters in a story are meant to grow and evolve in all different kinds of ways to have a significant impact on the story. This is extemely valuable and important when it comes to creating a proper story with interesting characters. Character arcs are part of the reason the audience cares about your characters in the first place. If the characters in your story don’t change in order to deal with any conflict in the story then why should readers care about them or even relate to them? You could have a protagonist in a story that is terrible, unlikeable, and bad but give them an arc that redeems them and makes this character someone that the readers are rooting for. Character arcs give meaning to the protagonist’s journey, internal struggles, and conflict. Without that arc, nothing significant would have come from the conflict in the first place. This is something that should always be kept in mind when writing a narrative with characters.

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