you all need a dramatic playlist

So many impulsive words can be avoided by crushing them to death with one really good bassline, and letting them fade back into the dreamsphere.

I’m not tired YOU’RE tired

paranoia from sharing vs. sick from holding back

*insert some tasteless cliché about getting hit with emotion by the slightest thing*

It would take many, many more nights spent sitting on the curb with a friend in this distant city -the home away from “home”- before I’m strong enough to return with the confidence that I won’t trip and fall

looks like summer is here

sometimes the only way to ignore a problem is to create a more immediate problem

That being said, I do not recommend it.

As a person who usually fights problems directly I believe the main issue here is I have nothing to fight. There is no way to deal with it “directly”. Therefore I have to fight something, which ends up being myself and my own stupid behavior. In a way it’s like trying to fight the universe and provoke some incident, because that would be the best fight there is.



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