sickly sweet summer air

The sun moved into Cancer as part of the summer solstice, and we’re one step closer to the weirdest upcoming season.

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New Moon in Gemini

New beginnings in the realm of communication, fresh ideas, enterprising, and socializing

(not actually having a party but going to set one up as an example I’m just trying out a plug in)

windstorms can do damage too

I was wondering why all these outbursts and weird emotional bullshit were coming up despite the moon being in Aquarius, but I just remembered it’s conjunct Mars. Yeah let’s combine the emotional center with the planet of anger, war and sexual frustration THAT’LL DO IT.

Who wants to bet once it goes into Pisces I’ll settle down and start searching for that piece of my soul the full moon took from me? With 200% more tears because, well, Pisces moon. The rainy season is coming.

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