Sky Tree is still over there

It’ll be hard to move out of my current apartment without feeling ungrateful. There’s really not much more I could ask of a residence, except that it’s too small. But the place overall is wonderful and I’ve had so many good times here.

But it looks like a new sort of times are starting, and I must go.

magic? you know it bitch

Small, insignificant things can easily lead to an enourmous change that no one, let alone you, saw coming. And one day you’ll try to rewind and wonder ‘how did I end up here’ and those little memories will sprinkle down, making you wish you had never asked.

you all need a dramatic playlist

So many impulsive words can be avoided by crushing them to death with one really good bassline, and letting them fade back into the dreamsphere.

what a way to see things

It’s supposed to be more than blatantly smiling at discouraging circumstances, you’re supposed to actually believe the better times are coming. Which I do.

It’s not supposed to be so tempting to merely curl up into a ball of bitterness and rot, though. Which I want to do.

I should’ve caught that guitar pick

How sad is it that the first time I see this band live is the day they announce they’re going to disband later this year. Thanks for the show, Morrigan, you will be missed.

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what now?

So if the storm has passed, what is there left to do? There’s only so much time to be out in the open before the next one rolls around.

I never understood people who chase tornados and hurricanes when in the end they’ll just come to you.

out of clever titles at the moment

After being so tired of doing nothing, I refuse to now complain about being busy. I’m having a great time and I never liked sleeping anyway.

I’m sure this’ll all lead somewhere good soon.


windstorms can do damage too

I was wondering why all these outbursts and weird emotional bullshit were coming up despite the moon being in Aquarius, but I just remembered it’s conjunct Mars. Yeah let’s combine the emotional center with the planet of anger, war and sexual frustration THAT’LL DO IT.

Who wants to bet once it goes into Pisces I’ll settle down and start searching for that piece of my soul the full moon took from me? With 200% more tears because, well, Pisces moon. The rainy season is coming.

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