time to go to the desert

This summer I’d like nothing more than to lay on piles of soft sand and eat chocolate until I bloat and die.

At least then I would be doing something different.

don’t take me back

I do not, repeat, do not want to keep dragging around the same problem if it’s no longer meant for me. It served it’s purpose, I know it needs to go. Why, why, why is it that when I reach this point it always seems as if it’s on the verge of turning around, that change will come crashing through and be all right, even when it’s clear this isn’t the case?

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sickly sweet summer air

The sun moved into Cancer as part of the summer solstice, and we’re one step closer to the weirdest upcoming season.

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“Hold my hand, spin around”

  1. Let go
  2. Let go
  3. Let go

Any more of this and I’ll be too dizzy to walk away unharmed.

Please, let go.

become the magician

It’s about time I saw how to make use of what’s around me. Opportunity is boundless and I know what to do with it.

If I want to make this a happy ending, I can. If I want to find the next best thing, I can. If I want to own the whole goddamn world, I can, and I will.

“You can have anything you want, but you can’t have everything you want.”

Now let’s get to that horizon.

are you sure?

What’s it called when you give up on giving up? Perseverance or naïveté?



6/21: The Novembers @ Ebisu Liquidroom

6/30: Dir En Grey @ Shinkiba Studio Coast

7/1: Dadaroma/Lezard @ Ikebukuro Edge

7/26: Buck-Tick @ International Forum Hall A

thanks, this helps

Translation: you’re breaking your own heart now, stop dwelling on the past and get up to fight your problems, you’ve got everything you need to get out of the mess you created. But there is indeed a mess.

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