Workshop Overview

Monday through Friday, June 3 – 14, 2019; 1-4 pm (room available until 5 pm)
Location: Temple University Main Campus (Room To Be Determined)
Cost: $300 per student

Who is invited:

  • Primarily graduate students completing their first year and beginning research
  • More senior graduate students looking to improve their knowledge
  • Advanced undergraduates
  • Active researchers looking to improve their computing skills

What attendees can expect:

  • Breadth of knowledge in computing and statistics
  • Practice in the topics covered
  • Lecture notes as a central reference
  • Exposure to advanced and current topics
  • Connections to other students
  • Exposure to other disciplines
  • A certificate showing satisfactory performance/participation


  • Provide graduate students with a broad overview of common tools and practices.
  • Get graduate students from across CST to meet, build interdisciplinary awareness and foster potential future collaborations.
  • Save PIs time by removing the need to independently train each new graduate student.

The certificate serves as a resume item and proof of a “passing” level of involvement in the workshop.

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