Colin Harker

I am a Philadelphia based filmmaker focusing on the art of cinematography and lighting. I have had the opportunity to work on set of major motion pictures and big budget music videos.

In my past two semesters in college (spring freshman, fall sophomore), I have learned more about myself and how I fit into society, more than any other time in my life. Coming into college I had a very clear mindset that I wanted to go into film production and direct film. I was a bright-eyed freshman with major aspirations. Looking back on it now I realize how little I knew about the profession I was going into, and somehow, I had convinced myself directing was the concentration I wanted to pursue. During the spring semester, summer, and this fall semester; I have gotten the opportunity to work on more film sets then I could have dreamed about before. Working on these sets opened my eyes to what the world of film entails. There are countless different jobs that I did not even know existed. I had to take a step back from myself and realize, nothing in my life is predetermined. You may thing this one profession is the right fit for you, until you find something else that peaks your interest even more. This mindset changed the way I viewed college, and how I viewed myself. It is important people look through life with an open mind, and find something that they are passionate about. It is a very common (and sometimes overused saying), ‘if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life’.