My work on 17th- and 18th-century European philosophy branches into three main lines of research. The first branch investigates the embodied self in the works of René Descartes, Nicholas Malebranche, and Mary Astell. The second examines Malebranche’s view that the function of the senses, imagination, and passions is to help us stay alive. The third branch explores Margaret Cavendish’s materialist philosophy of mind and, more specifically, her approaches to color, perception, and the unity of the experience.

Here is a short accessible piece that illustrates my reading of Malebranche.

My publications include:

In progress:

  • “Not a Sailor in His Ship: Descartes on Bodily Awareness,” commissioned for the Routledge Handbook on Bodily Awareness, edited by Adrian Alsmith and Matt Longo.
  • “‘A Decaying Carkass?’: Mary Astell on the Embodied Self,” commissioned for Reconsidering the Sources of the Self, edited by José-Luis Bermudez and Catherine Conybeare.
  • “Malebranche on the Senses and Sensation,” commissioned for the Oxford Handbook on Malebranche, edited by Sean Greenberg.
  • “Pears, Partridges, and Werewolves: Malebranche on the Imagination”

Book Reviews:

I have a number of papers under review at the moment. Drafts and more information available upon request.