Main Theory

For our project, we decided to apply the theory of Bahktin’s Carnival to how to apply yourself and get the most out of your time at Temple University.

The principles of Bahktin’s Carnival are as follows:

  1. The carnival encourages free and familiar interaction between normally separated people who would not normally interact or be able to freely express themselves to one another.
  2. At the carnival, eccentric behavior becomes acceptable and human nature’s hidden sides are revealed.
  3. The carefree carnival encourages “carnivalistic misalliances,” or enables everything that is usually separate to connect and converge. What would normally be sacred is united with what would normally be considered profane.
  4. Many carnival traditions in various cultures are sacrilegious, or an ungodly parody on that which is sacred.

For some, it may seem a daunting challenge to balance the fun and hard work that comes with the college experiences. However, by applying principles of Bahktin’s Carnival and taking advantage of the opportunities that we have this semester, both academic and social success can be achieved! After all – what is Temple University if not one big cherry and white carnival?

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