welcome :-)

I always fantasized about traveling. Since I was kid, visiting Italy was top on my bucket list, as half of my family immigrated to America from Calabria in 1964. This summer, I had the amazing opportunity of studying abroad in Rome, the most incredible experience of my life to date. However, although this first post is dedicated to Rome, I’m hoping that the inspiration from my summer abroad, travels to 6 different countries in 3 months, and past adventures within the states will guide me to more amazing places around the world. Until more adventures unfold, I need to share my summer experiences. I never thought I’d feel this sense of being trapped and isolated after returning to my home. “Reverse culture shock,” as many sociologists and psychologists have deemed, hit me full throttle. But still, I have gorgeous memories and the undeniable passion of traveling again pushing me to maintain my career goals and hard work so I can once again sojourn. Soon.


The best marocchino (a cappuccino with cocoa powder sprinkled on top) I had while in Italy! 


Of course, many pictures of il Colosseo were taken. When my family visited, we took a night tour underground where the gladiators, lions and tigers awaited strife. Surreal experience. 


Taken the first day in Rome by a great friend of mine (I had just met her that day). We were exploring the ruins of il Foro Romano and knew nothing of its’ significance in Rome’s history until learning about ancient Rome in history class. I learned more this summer than I did my entire life.

Just some pictures, of over 3,000 (not exaggerating) of my trip. These are by far not the best, but I’m not sure if I am ready to share my favorites yet. Stay tuned.