I am senior at Temple University majoring in therapeutic recreation. Throughout my first year of college, I was undeclared and indecisive of what career path I wanted to take. While I was taking a general education class and shadowing a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), I found a plethora of benefits of recreation and I want a profession in improving people’s lives through recreation.

I have done a lot of volunteering throughout my college career. I volunteered at various places such as Wesley Enhanced Living, Magee Rehab’s wheelchair rugby club, and Camp Independence. My experience in these different populations has facilitated the growth of my knowledge, communicative, and social skills. I am planning to gain more experience in different sections of therapeutic recreation. As I continue my journey through my major, I hope to explore more with pediatrics, developmental disabilities, and physical rehab. I believe that my current and future experiences will help me become an asset as a CTRS.