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Hello world!

I am a junior studying therapeutic recreation at Temple University. Like many students, I was unsure what career path I would take. I discovered the potential benefits of recreation while volunteering at a developmental camp for school aged kids. I was amazed at how adaptive and inclusive the counselors were to those campers who had developmental disabilities. There seems to be a stigma put on kids with developmental disabilities and no one wants to interact with them but after witnessing how these counselors care for them I knew I wanted to help and make it my profession.

As a professional recreational therapist I hope to use the skills that I learn to impact the lives of younger children with developmental disabilities. The ideologies passed on through school will allow for me to be an impactful role model for children who need help the most. By using inclusion techniques, no child will be left out and they can take part in the healthy activities of their peers to help them develop both physically and emotionally.

Through my knowledge gained from courses at Temple University and my personal experience through volunteering at many different functions for children with developmental disorders I am continuously learning new skills that will be enable me to be a dependable therapist. I plan to continue to learn daily with each new patient and ensure to offer my assistance to people of all ages. By doing this, I am allowing myself to open up and learn about different developmental disorders that can be presented throughout a person’s life instead of limiting myself to only children. Therefore, I am able to impact as many people as possible and teach the necessity of having strong physical and mental health.