Scavenger Hunt

Center City:

First Bank of the U.S

Carpenter’s Hall
Merchant Exchange Building
Society Hill Towers
1/3 Statues Found at Society Towers
2/3 & 3/3 Statues Found at Society Towers
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Delancey Park

Temple University:

Paley Library
Peabody Hall
Johnson & Hardwick Halls
Beury Hall

The majority of the buildings were still standing. Exploring Philadelphia is something that I’ve always wanted to do, so when I got this as an assignment I was all for it. Due to cold weather and limited daylight, I wasn’t able to capture all the buildings on the list. I captured a total of 13 buildings, 4 of them on Temple University and 9 of them in Center City. Urban renewal affects the lives of many people going through the change. Temple University itself is an urban renewal project, and as a Temple University am going through the change. In the picture of Peabody Hall, we see that it is in the process of deconstruction. It will be changed into something renewed. Overall, I really enjoyed this project and would probably do it again with a friend. Philadelphia has a lot to offer in history, urban renewal being one of the major ones.

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