Wanamaker Building

The Wanamaker building stands very tall, making it a pleasant sight to see. When you step inside, there are many things to take in. You see the grand organ, the eagle statue, and many shops that include jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, and coffee stands. These are all spaced out, so there is something to see around every corner and on every floor. The organ in the Wanamaker building is the biggest organ in the world. Visitors get to hear the organ be played twice a day, and while I was walking around I could hear the music being played. There are three floors that customers can walk around and shop if they so, please. I think the building has a lot to offer I spent about an hour and a half observing things from the first all the way to the third floor. One of the coolest things about the building is how big it is. I was not expecting such an enormous opening, considering the building is only two miles away. Another cool thing about the building is the eagle statue. For Americans during the past century, this department store was the main attraction. The eagle statue reminded me much of the centennial and how it was also such a main attraction to people. Department stores one hundred years ago were a part of a social change due to Taylorism. My experience visiting the Wanamaker building was an amazing one, and I would recommend people to go visit the building whether it be for a class or not. It was cool to see how a famous department store can relate to discussions in class.

Visiting My Revolution Site

For my revolution, the first school of medicine, I chose to visit Temple’s school of medicine, Lewis Katz School of Medicine. As I was walking to the school, I noticed that the environment was comfortable. This may because I am biased on city environments and especially since it was a medical school that I was visiting. The medical school has many floors and is a sight to see. Many students were walking in and out of the building, dressed in red scrubs, and talking about their lectures and other medical related terms.

In 1901, this school was founded as Pennsylvania’s first co-educational medical school. This medical school is one of seven medical schools in the state and on the top ten list in the United States. This school has around 700 students currently enrolled. Some may be shocked at this number, but this is simply because professional schools, especially medical schools, are very competitive. In 2014, scientists at this school were the first to extract HIV from human cells. The school is located on 3500 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19140. About a thirty-minute walk away from where I currently reside on Temple’s campus.

Overall, my experience here at this medical school was a good one. I always had a passion for medicine, so visiting the school reminded me of why I am here at Temple. Sadly, I was not able to take a picture of the building because while I was walking around the building, my phone died. Technology, right? I was not able to tour the building since I am currently not a student in the medical school, but I was able to walk around the building.