Exhibit Review

My experience with the exhibit was a unique one. I am not a big history fan, but this exhibit kept me interested enough to keep walking through. It interested me that Peale’s exhibit was not subjected to just one thing or topic. The exhibit covered taxonomy, silhouettes, history, and even had artifacts to read and touch. The thing I liked the most about the exhibit, was that it brought the discussions from class to life. There is a huge difference reading and discussing something versus seeing it in person and learning about it. At the exhibit, there was a representation of the mastodon’s teeth, and it made me realize how big this animal was. Another thing that interested me, was the preservation of the letters that Peale received, like the one from Thomas Jefferson. It was cool to see what Jefferson had to say about Peale and his museum. The exhibit did a really good job of bringing the discussions to life. Reading and seeing the artifacts they had put everything into a real-life perspective. It would have been nice to see the excavated mastodon in the blue room, but the room was not open to the public at the time. The only thing I found myself doing that I did not like was standing in the same spot for minutes at a time. A lot of the information in the exhibit was compacted together, so if the room itself was bigger so that the information could be more spread out, it would have been nicer. The people working here were very welcoming and made the experience an easy one. I would recommend this exhibit to anyone that is a fan of Peale or for any history fan.