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Recent Knowledge Graph Papers

(s, r, o)

ConvE    AAAI 2018     Convolutional 2d knowledge graph embeddings

Convolutiona on (s, r) to predict 0

1-N scoring

cross-entropy loss

a1 a2 a3

b1 b2 b3

a4 a5 a6

b4 b5 b6

CapsuleE    NAACL 2019    A capsule network-based embedding model for knowledge graph completion and search personalization

Initialized by ConvKB. Replace concatenation after conv with capsule.

ConvR    NAACL 2019    Adaptive convolution for multi-relational learning

TuckER    EMNLP 2019    Tucker: Tensor factorization for knowledge graph completion

pLogicNet    NIPS 2019    Probabilistic logic neural networks for reasoning

CoKE    Arxiv 2020    CoKE: Contextualized Knowledge Graph Embedding




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Knowledge graph codes




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ICML 2017 Papers

Asymmetric Tri-training for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation, ICML 2017

Source-Target Similarity Modelings for Multi-Source Transfer Gaussian Process Regression, ICML 2017

Multi-task Learning with Labeled and Unlabeled Tasks, ICML 2017

Deep Transfer Learning with Joint Adaptation Networks, ICML 2017

Unsupervised Learning by Predicting Noise, ICML 2017


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Knowledge Graph + Entity Description

Translating Embeddings for Modeling Multi-relational Data, NIPS 2013

Representation Learning of Knowledge Graphs with Entity Descriptions, AAAI 2016

SSP: Semantic Space Projection for Knowledge Graph Embedding with Text Descriptions, AAAI 2017

Text-Enhanced Representation Learning for Knowledge Graph, IJCAI 2016

ProjE: Embedding Projection for Knowledge Graph Completion, AAAI 2017

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Entity Recognition Papers

Analysis of named entity recognition and linking for tweets, IPM 2015

Domain Specific Named Entity Recognition Referring to the Real World by Deep Neural Networks, ACL 2016 Short Paper

Bootstrapped Text-level Named Entity Recognition for Literature, ACL 2016 Short Paper

Learning Word Segmentation Representations to Improve Named Entity Recognition for Chinese Social Media,  ACL 2016 Short Paper

The unreasonable effectiveness of word representations for Twitter named entity recognition, NAACL 2015

Named entity recognition in tweets: an experimental study, EMNLP 2011

Zero-shot Entity Extraction from Web Pages, ACL 2014

Entity Linking for Tweets, ACL 2013

Mining Wiki Resources for Multilingual Named Entity Recognition, ACL 2008

Exploiting Wikipedia as external knowledge for document clustering, EMNLP 2007

Collective Entity Resolution with Multi-Focal Attention, ACL 2016

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Unsupervised Cross-Dataset Transfer Learning for Person Re-identification, CVPR 2016

Personalizing EEG-Based Affective Models with Transfer Learning, IJCAI 2016

Domain Adaptation in the Absence of Source Domain Data, KDD 2016

Return of Frustratingly Easy Domain Adaptation, AIstats 2016

Towards Domain Adaptive Vehicle Detection in Satellite Image by Supervised Super-Resolution Transfer, AIstats 2016

Combining satellite imagery and machine learning to predict poverty, Science 2016

Transfer Learning from Deep Features for Remote Sensing and Poverty Mapping

Transitive transfer learning

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Learning Cross-Domain Landmarks for Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation,  CVPR 2016

Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Residual Transfer Networks, NIPS 2016

Joint Feature Selection and Structure Preservation for Domain Adaptation, IJCAI 2016

The l2,1-Norm Stacked Robust Autoencoders for Domain Adaptation, AAAI 2016

Domain Adaptation with Conditional Transferable Components, ICML 2016

Multi-manifold Sparse Graph Embedding for Multi-modal Image
Classification, Neurocomputing 2016

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2016-08-15 Papers

  • Marginalized Denoising Autoencoders for Domain Adaptation

  • A New PAC-Bayesian Perspective on Domain Adaptation

  • Domain Adaptation for Learning from Label Proportions Using Self-Training

  • Supervised Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation via Random Forests,d.dmo

  • Deep Nonlinear Feature Coding for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation,d.dmo

  • Semi-supervised Sequence Learning,d.dmo

  • A Hierarchical Neural Autoencoder for Paragraphs and Documents,d.dmo

  • Grammar as a Foreign Language,d.dmo

  • Skip-Thought Vectors,d.dmo





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