Recent Knowledge Graph Papers

(s, r, o)

ConvE    AAAI 2018     Convolutional 2d knowledge graph embeddings

Convolutiona on (s, r) to predict 0

1-N scoring

cross-entropy loss

a1 a2 a3

b1 b2 b3

a4 a5 a6

b4 b5 b6

CapsuleE    NAACL 2019    A capsule network-based embedding model for knowledge graph completion and search personalization

Initialized by ConvKB. Replace concatenation after conv with capsule.

ConvR    NAACL 2019    Adaptive convolution for multi-relational learning

TuckER    EMNLP 2019    Tucker: Tensor factorization for knowledge graph completion

pLogicNet    NIPS 2019    Probabilistic logic neural networks for reasoning

CoKE    Arxiv 2020    CoKE: Contextualized Knowledge Graph Embedding




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