My research group uses spectroscopic, geochemical, and isotopic methods to understand fundamental processes that happen at the surfaces of rocks and minerals in low-temperature aqueous environments. I’m particularly interested in the mineralogical and geochemical signatures of chemical weathering and early diagenesis. My current research interests include the progression of weathering of fresh basalts in modern volcanic environments (Hawai’i, Mt. Etna), chemical weathering and hydrous mineralogy on Mars, and iron-silica aqueous interactions involved in Precambrian iron-formation genesis.

I teach a graduate course on Analytical Methods in Mineralogy and an undergraduate senior seminar in environmental science.

The Chemtob lab has openings for new students! Opportunities are available at the master’s, Ph.D., or postdoctoral level. Please contact for more information.

Contact information
Professor Steven Chemtob
Assistant Professor
Department of Earth and Environmental Science
Beury Hall 326
1901 N. 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19120
E-mail: chemtob at temple dot edu