Past Internship Experience

Philadelphia Hospitality

My internship at Philadelphia Hospitality was an amazing experience for me to get real experience in marketing and event management. Philadelphia Hospitality is a non-profit organization that promotes Philadelphia as a destination for cultural and historical travel. They also hold an annual awards gala called Vision for Philadelphia Award which honors a Philadelphia who has made a positive impact on the city. I got to be apart of this event from the beginning stages to the night of which provided me with vast experience. Because this was a small non-profit company I really got to have a hands-on experience in every step of the event, from securing donors to creating marketing material, to night of responsibilities. I used traditional marketing techniques, while also utilizing all social media channels to reach potential donors and attendees.

Intensive English Language Program

My internship as the American Culture intern with the Intensive English Language Program at Temple University was a great experience in working with different cultures. I collaborated with my other interns to manage over 70 international students from South Korea and China. We brought them on excursions all over the city, as well as New York City and Ocean City. We helped them develop their English skills and learn more about American culture.