Web Week 12 (Virtual Reality)

For our class project we decided to explore the topic of virtual reality.


This was a very interesting topic because of the way it is universal in so many different fields and also because it still has a long way to go in terms of development. As a public relations major I found this very interesting because I am not very familiar with many of these concepts however they are going to end up being key parts of my major and future job.


PR professionals are on track to use VR for captivating audiences’ attention and also potentially using it for meetings with clients. VR will give PR professionals the opportunity to connect with their audiences in a new, authentic way. In client meetings, with the power of VR, we will have the ability to feel like we are in the room with a client and looking them in the eyes without having to leave the office!

Internet Speed Test (Web Week 10)

A.) I was using Temple’s tusecurewireless. I am unsure of the provider but I know the computer that I am on is connected through Ethernet cable.

B.) The apps I used for this assignment were Speed Test SpeedSmart and Speedcheck Internet Speed Test.



D.) The first app had a slower download at 84.29mbps compared to the second one at 85.94mbps. Same goes for the upload with the first app at 115.83mbps and the second at 117.6mbps. The differences are so slight they were most likely by chance or due to some slight differences in each app’s mechanics. One could be more accurate than the other.

Abstract: Virtual Reality Group 3


The concept behind our paper is virtual reality and the ways in which it relates to our majors. Virtual reality is when you use computer technology to create a simulated reality for users. Typically, people just stare at a screen when playing video games or watching movies, etc. With virtual reality, it can make one feel like they are actually there experiencing the content. 3D Graphics play a very important role in what makes virtual reality such a unique experience for users.

Some of the pros of virtual reality that we will discuss in our paper is that it can be better than reality, the realistic graphics are pleasing to look at, and communication is widespread and can reach mass amounts of people. It is also used it multiple fields making it easier for experts to interact with one another. Just as there are pros, there are also a few cons to virtual reality that we will explore. For example, it can be very costly. Many people who use virtual reality for entertainment purposes can become addicted to it. There is also still a lot about VR that people do not know, making it experimental and still in early stages.

In the field of Public Relations, virtual reality can be a major benefit for both organizations and consumers. PR practitioners are always seeking out ways to connect with new audiences in unique and authentic ways. Virtual reality is an outlet that lets users consume messages and media in an entirely different experience. Once it grows into a bigger market and is more widely used, many people in the field of advertising and PR will be using it to get their message out to their publics.

Lab 1

This lab was one of my first experiences using Python and coding in general. It was very frustrating at first trying to adapt to the software. After creating the files and understanding what to do with them, it was time to input the code. The most challenging part was avoiding the syntax errors, as they were easy to make. I felt so relieved when I finally got it right! This exercise showed us how to use coding language to determine what your IP address is.

About Me

My name is Clarissa Colondo. I am a 20 year old Sophomore at Temple University and this is a blog where you can get to know me!

I am currently studying Public Relations, and I am looking to enter the cannabis field with my degree and do PR and advertising for different brands and dispensaries. I feel this industry is gaining more momentum as the times change and I see a lot of opportunity to do good there.

Some of my favorite things include: food, music and going out to concerts, hanging out with my friends, and my sweet cat named Miss Kitty.