What to Expect

We're Going Virtual

Like much of life over the past several months, we’ve had to make significant changes to how we present this conference, including moving it online.

We are looking forward to the many new opportunities presented by hosting a virtual conference. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from this year’s event.

Technology Needs:

The Annual Faculty Conference will be hosted in Zoom. To fully participate, there are some technology needs you may want to consider:

  • – We encourage joining the Zoom sessions using a computer rather than joining via telephone.
  • Download the Zoom app on your computer if you don’t have it already.
  • – If you already have Zoom, make sure you update your Zoom app to the latest version.
  • Test your Zoom before the event. You may want to test joining a meeting and be familiar with Zoom navigation.
  • Test your computer audio to make sure it is working.
  • – Come ready to enjoy the conference!


We encourage you to share your conference experience on social media, but please do not share photos of other attendees who appear on screen.

All conference participants should have Temple University credentials to access conference sessions. If you are not part of Temple University, you will be assigned a TU user ID and password when you register for the conference. When you click on “Enter the Online Conference” on the Conference website and log in, you will be able to view the detailed conference program with meeting links for each session.

Attending Live Virtual Sessions

All live sessions will be hosted via Zoom. Please make sure that you have updated your zoom client to make sure you have the most recent version. To attend the live Virtual Sessions, click on the Zoom link under each session.

Accessing Asynchronous Sessions

Asynchronous sessions are posted on the Conference website. Simply click on the session you would like to view and enjoy the experience. We invite you to post comments and questions on the session page.

Although virtual, this year’s Annual Faculty Conference remains a fully interactive event with opportunities to network, catch up with colleagues, and find space to discuss exciting topics.

Connect with Others through Gather

As a way to help attendees connect, the conference features Gather, a proximity video chat that allows users to navigate a virtual space with others and join in on conversations large or small. Attendees can chat, share resources, play games, and utilize a white board. Check out the demo on Gather’s webpage and consider joining! Gather will be open from 11:45 – 1:45 on Wednesday, January 6th and from 12:15 – 1:30 on Thursday, January 7th.

Social Media

You can also connect with others through social media. Use and look for our hashtag #catfc21 on Instagram and Twitter. We’d love to see your post, so make sure you tag us (@TempleUCAT) on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, too. We encourage attendees to share their thoughts, find new ideas, and connect with others!

Conference Etiquette

We look forward to gathering for an energizing and refreshing experience in the wake of a difficult year for all. To ensure a positive conference experience, we remind attendees that, like our students, we all benefit from empathetic listening and civil discourse. Please be kind and courageous!

To further support a positive experience, we also ask attendees not to share conference Zoom links beyond those registered, as a precaution against Zoom bombing.

Contacting the CAT

If you have questions or need help before or during the conference, you can contact our staff at cat@temple.edu

Click here for more information about our conference events.

Handouts, materials, and recordings from conference events will be available for thirty days after the conference.

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching strives to make this conference accessible to ensure full participation by persons with disabilities. Each presentation and session will be designed and conducted with full participation in mind. Therefore, we have asked all session presenters to make their sessions and materials accessible by having all materials with text checked for accessibility and having all of the poster session recordings captioned or transcripted. In addition, we are asking all breakout session presenters to turn on the live auto closed captioning as well as record their Zoom sessions. Zoom creates post-recording transcripts of the session. All recordings and transcripts, as well as session materials, will be available on our conference website shortly after the conference has concluded.

Zoom, the videoconferencing system used for this conference, has accessibility features that will maximize your experience. Please see their guide for more information.

If you have needs that extend beyond this, feel free to indicate on the registration form or contact Lacey Harmantzis at cat@temple.edu.